About us : The POSI+IVE AGEING training center

Our POSITIVE AGEING International Training Center is a private space equipped with our latest technological innovations.We welcome professionals who want to understand and offer our technologies and cosmetics to their customers.
We offer complete training for professionals, to give you the keys to mastering our cutting edge technological equipments, to help you complete or transform your institute, into a POSI + IVE AGEING skin expert center.

We also offer to any local clients, personalized face and body care, which answers the majority of the cutaneous problems.
Our beauty expert first performs an analysis of your skin with our latest generation of skin diagnostic equipment.
This comprehensive assessment makes it possible to define together the imperfections to be corrected, to select the appropriate active molecules, so that you receive an expert, paired, targeted care.
The POSI + IVE AGEING center offers three advanced technologies with intracellular actions : Mesotransduction, Phytotherapy, Cryotherapy, and Depresso-massage for slimming body treatments.
All our expert care protocols are accompanied by our professional range of mesocosmetic gels with ultra concentrated active ingredients.We have also developed a line of 9 serums and 2 tissu facials masks that we offer for sale, to complement the cabin care and extend their effects in home care.