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    Our experience as a manufacturer of mesotransductive gel serums for professional cabin treatments has demonstrated the effectiveness of our active ingredients in regards of various skin problems, such as : wrinkles, relaxation, pigmentation, dermis and irregularities.  

    We have developed a range of 9 serums, 7 creams, 2 facial masks in non woven viscose, to complement the technical cabin skin care and optimize their results, by cosmetics in relay care at home.  

    Formulated by French cosmetologists according to pharmaceutical quality standards, these latest-generation cosmetics are based on a cellular oxygenation system.  

    All our formulas are free from paraben, silicone, paraffin oil, preservatives, colorants and petroleum derivatives.  

    Concentrates of perfection to fully meet the needs and needs of our skin everyday - available in your skin expert beauty center and on our site!                               

  • FACIAL Serums
  • FACE Masks

    The POSITIVE AGEING COSMETICS Home Care range consists of 2 non woven viscose face masks impregnated with our best active ingredients.

    This material "second skin effect" soaked in serum, unfolds and applies gently on the whole face following the time prescribed.

    They provide you with an intense hydration bath, a lifting and plumping effect, an immediate skin radiance boost !

    HYDRA - FILLER EFFECT Mask 20 ml - Hydrating and repulping mask with hyaluronic acid 

    LIFTING - BOTOX EFFECT Mask  25 ml - Super lifting silver mask, concentrated in SNAP 8

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item